Spotlight on September

For our second month of the Life Reboot project, the roller coaster continues twisting and looping. There are good points and bad points, but I’m glad that the trend is headed for steady improvement overall.


  • Be fluent in French

Score: 3/5

Still haven’t integrated daily listening/speaking practice into the overall routine, but my reading speed and comprehension have improved. Writing’s also a tad easier now.

  • Sharpen coding skills

Score: 2/5

This one has been placed on the backburner in favor of more writing projects. I’ve still done an occasional review of my notes, but no heavy coding projects in the past month.

  • Sleep better

Score: 2.5/5

I’ve improved overall, and that’s been helped by other improvements in eating and exercise. These past couple of days, though, I got derailed by an extra-strong Vietnamese coffee that left me sleepless for a couple of days. I’ve refrained from the caffeine since then, and my sleeping patterns are normalizing again.

  • Exercise more

Score: 5/5

Curving this up to a 5/5, because I’ve completed C25K and can now run around 40+ minutes at a decent pace on a regular basis again. This is a huge improvement over where I was just a few months ago — dreading a twenty-minute run! In the past month, I exceeded my monthly mileage goal and shaved a full three minutes off my average pace. The last week or so saw a drop in exercise days, but that can easily be fixed; meanwhile, I’m happy to award full points on this.

  • Eat better

Score: 3.5/5

I don’t know how the switch flipped, but I’m saner about food now. Must be all the water I’m drinking.

  • Write more

Score: 5/5

I started paid writing work in the later half of September, and since then I’ve cranked out around 10 articles a week, each a thousand words long. That’s aside from  the writing and editing I’ve been doing for my volunteer internship, and the long entries I’ve managed to write for my journal lately. A big improvement from August, and it feels sustainable enough to merit a confident 5 out of 5 here.

  • Read more

Score: 4/5

Since getting a Kindle, it’s been easier to keep up with my reading. This is partly because a lot of my books are digital, and the strain of reading them on a laptop screen kept me from reading for any period of time; the Kindle certainly changed that. It’s also partly because of how easy it is to carry a ton of my books everywhere. That, and my measurement-happy brain likes being able to see my reading progress as a percentage, and to track books and post ratings on Goodreads.

My anxiety has tapered off a little this past month, so that’s certainly helped. There have been exceptionally bad days, but on balance, it was better than August. A saner attitude towards food and exercise, plus the grounding effects of being able to work steadily on something (in this case, writing) again have been good for me.



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